Friday, July 8, 2016


Gun Culture, USA. All photographs from Plymouth, Massachusetts. All photographs from one block.

Ban idiots? But one is the Republican Presidential Candidate who loves guns, hates Jewish people, and thinks the world would be better with more hate.

How do you ban the idiots when the idiots have the guns?

Disarm. Disarm. Disarm.

Sometimes the obvious and simple solutions eludes the idiots.

(The store selling "Guns Are Welcome On Premises" sign was also selling a 'vintage' Canadian $20 bill (the $20 bill in current circulation) for 25.95 USD. The bank next door? 15.33USD for 20 CAD.)

I don't think 'vintage' means what they think it means.

The idiots are S.M.R.T.

How about we ban idiots AND guns? Seems a lot more intelligent to me. And we do it EVERYWHERE. I'm not a sanctimonious Canadian who thinks Canadians are immune to gun culture. We have less access to the types of guns but every nation in the West and many in Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia are infected with the gun culture disease.

How many more people of colour around the world have to die before people do the right thing???

Fuck the right to bear arms! The right to not be murdered with easily accessed, automatic, military grade weapons should be a prioritized, superior right. The *anti-choicers should put their pro-life efforts into lives that exist and are being extinguished.

*anti-choicers seeking to control a woman's right to bodily autonomy will be featured in photos on this blog soon.

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