Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Eerie Coincidences In Pain

 Me: My doctor doesn't understand why specialists won't prescribe benzos long term. Sure, they have side effects that are dire for the liver, but isn't it better to live pain free while alive than to live longer with a healthy liver but in pain for decades? That's what she asks.

Jen: Right?!? I'd so much rather live pain free for less time than in pain for a long time. Quality of life matters.

Me: I'm just going to check the mail; I didn't have chance today.

Jen: Okay.

And this:

Not benzo, but eerie.

Also? Can someone explain how I have reached an age where chronic pain is a casual conversation topic? Didn't I just yesterday get held back by my fellow 16 year olds when I tried to offer a beer to our friend's stepfather, an RCMP officer breaking up our bush party? From reckless, drunken fun to "I need protective gear for assembling puzzles; padding for my knees and something for my back when I am leaning over the table for extended periods." Oh yes, spoke by ME, today. TODAY.

Officially old. Demographic marketing successful. Help me change how I think about pain relief. Sigh.

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